Notebook Bridal portraits

Digital Welcome Package

"I'm so honoured you chose me as your photographer! I can't wait to document your day and tell your story!" -Karen

Hey! Here is my welcome pack as well as my vendor guide! Being that you relate and are drawn to my style and expertise I thought I would share with you some of my all time favourite vendors who I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. Wedding planning can be hectic and sometimes after your venue and photographer is booked its hard to navigate where to go from there! So I'm here to help in anyway I can.

Wedding & Event Planners:

Lustre Weddings - Toronto, Ontario


Instagram: @lustreweddings 

Phone: 1-647-344-9401


Forty-Two Eighty Events - Port Dover, Ontario

Instagram: 2fortytwoeightyevents

Phone: 1-519-410-2104


Bonafide Events - Perth County, Ontario

Instagram: @bonafide_events

Phone: 1-519-860-3347



Peony House - Cambridge, Ontario 


Instagram: @peonyhousefloral


Email: peony

The Wild Sage - Harley, Ontario

Instagram: @thewildsage_

Phone: 1-519-550-7330


The Wandering Ivy - Ontario *Highly recommend for all Elopements!!*

Instagram: @thewanderingivyco

Phone: 1-519-520-5151



Lavenderandlacedesign - Norwich, Ontario (designer of stationary pictured above)

Instagram: @lavendurandlacedesign

Phone: 1-226-228-5869


Flourish Calligraphy - Stratford, Ontario

Instagram: @flourish.calligraphy



Paper And Poste - Toronto and GTA , Ontario

Instagram: @paperandposte

Phone: 1-416-703-0004



Sweet B's Cakes - Norwich, Ontario (designer of cake pictured above)

Instagram: @sweet.b.cakes

Phone: 1-519-983-3921


Cakelaine - Mississauga, Ontario

Instagram: @cakelaine

Phone: 1-647-394-2253


Detail List

for your detailed shots

Here is a list of things to have your maid of honour prepare for your photographer while you are getting ready in the morning.

 This list helps from rummaging through things the day of and ensures your time getting ready is relaxing and completely focused on you.

1 - Your rings 

2 - Your invitation suit, including envelope and all cards

3 - Perfume bottle

4 - Your jewelry for the day

5 - Your vows

6 - Your shoes

7 - Your veil and dress

8 - Your florals

9 - any other personal items you would want photographed

(maybe a frame of grandparents unable to attend)

Tip: If desired, ask your florist to leave you some extra loose flowers for the day to add to your detailed shots listed above.

Top 10 Tips 

Chatting with past brides and through our experience photographing weddings, were here to tell you the top ten things that are beneficial for all couples and brides to be to know beforehand while planning on the day of!

Tips for Your Day - less stress, more fun!

1- Have you favourite playlist to get ready to! This could be classical, romantic, or something to jam along with! Whatever it is, think about what mood you want to establish and have your playlist ready!

2 - If you have a wedding party, a steamer can be such a lifesaver!

3 - As a bride, have all of your details out and in one place, this makes it much easier for your photographer but also helps when your ready to know exactly where everything is.

4 - Decide ahead of time if you'd like to write and exchange letters with your bride/groom.

5 - Don't forget to eat! This goes for both the bride/groom

7 - Pre make a bridal survival kit. This includes things such as. Deodorant, Water, Advil, Granola Bar, Bobby Pins, Bandaids, Makeup, and a Lint Roller!

8 - Remember to take a small moment for just the two of you after your married. This could be as simple as five minutes together after your photographer whisks you away for sunset photos. But if you find a moment, take it in.

9 - Don't sweat the small stuff

10 - Delegate someone the day of to be downloading/airdroping photos from the guests phones that they are taking. It's so fun to go through all the iPhone selfies later in life! And its an easy thing to have someone doing the day of.