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~Branding prep Guide~

Here is a list of things that can personalize your branding photoshoot and will help speak to your brand, service, or product.

Please keep in mind that we will be shooting content for this Spring so  your colour pallete should be fresh!

* Bring your own coffee mug (all of us business owners need this fuel)

* Notepad, 2020 planner, laptop, and pen.

* Your phone. Now is the time to treat yourself and get that new case you've been eyeing!

* Bring some of your product or unique items that speak to your brand or represent what you have to offer

* Your favourite blanket/ throw

* Get a manicure and/or pedi! Again remember when choosing a colour to keep it fresh and light for this coming spring.

* Last but not least, any fury friends are welcome under 15lbs!

Wardrobe: This is the most important part of our shoot! Keep your outfit neutral and make sure again it represents you and your brand!Also light sweaters are ok, but stay away from heavy sweaters, boots, and scarfs. ( did I mention because it will be for spring!) :D

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