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Welcome to Last Summer Photography! 


I am a wedding and elopement photographer, who enjoys photographing the couples who want to adventure the outdoors and open air.

My style is raw, earthy, and romantic, while incorporating sweeping scenes of nature, and golden sunsets.

The raw moments tell the story,

pictures are so much more than just telling a story, they are about capturing the emotion and intimate moments, and then bringing those feelings back to you every time you pick up one of those photographs.

This is your legacy,

This is it, this is your love story. The one you tell your grand babies, and these are the photographs they will hold.

From the small delicate details, to the first look, the tears of joy, and the love.

 You want all those photographs to look back on and cherish, so I take the utmost care in documenting them for you, telling your story through my lens. 

So let's tell your story,

The way it was meant to be told


Ontario Wedding Association
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